Create your own software with us!

Partner with Ed to create your very own software. Have an idea you'd like to pursue? Reach out and see how our team can help your reach your dream.

Watch the video below, and if this sounds like something your are interested in send Ed an email at or give him a call at +1 (717) 502-4001.

Watch the short video to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Ed has had great success within the software markets, and has developed some great connections. He has a constant team on call, consisting of select engineers from within the software company Tier5. Ed and his team are always on the lookout for people to partner with to bring great ideas to market. See how we can help!

What People Say About Ed

These are people who have worked with Ed and have something to say!

Markell Blount

Ed has been a tremendous help in helping me get my business off the ground. Everybody in our community has been able to be helped in some way by the generosity of Ed.

Thomas Spahn

When Ed talks, I listen. I've done business with him for 20 years or more. He has bailed me out of numerous jams, and consistently gives me great business and investing advice.

George Andrews

I first met Ed when he was in the world of corporate restructuring, and have watched him pivot from helping businesses get structured and set up, to helping them make more money and grow their base.

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