Post Filter
Chrome Extension

Take Control Over Your Facebook Feed

The Post Filter Chrome Extension gives you full control over your Facebook feed. 

You can set it to show no ads, or only ads, in your Facebook feed.

If you want an ad-free Facebook experience, you got it!

If you want to see quickly what ads are being shown to you, you can do that, too. This is also an easy and quick way to delete the ads you don't want, and "Like" the ads you do, which will give you better, more relevant ads (if that's what you want).


This is in Beta, and for the moment that is what it does, but with the next release, you will also be be able to filter posts or ads (or both).


You'll be able to enter keywords, and either only show Facebook posts (or Ads) with those keywords, or remove any Facebook post (or Ad) that contains those keywords.

This is great for marketers (as all our software is), but also for non-marketers.


Imagine seeing no political posts on Facebook!

Or, if you are a political junkie, seeing ONLY political posts!

Tired of the overwhelmingly prolific coronavirus info?

Take a break from it for a day (or two or three).

Imagine seeing NO Sponsored Ads!

Or, if you're a marketer and want to see what others are up to, seeing ONLY Sponsored Ads!

The possibilities are endless:

If you are a photographer, and you want to see who's talk about a new camera model, you'll be able to put the model number in as a keyword, and see only posts talking about it.


You will be able to toggle:

  • Remove all ads - will only show posts, no ads
  • Only show ads - will only show sponsored posts
  • All posts - will show ads and normal posts


You will then be able to insert one or more keywords, and can then be able to select:

  • Only show posts with keywords or
  • Hide posts containing keywords


You will then click "Run" and as you scroll through Facebook the extension will do it's job based on how you have set it.


It will work in the following places:


  • On your main feed (facebook home page)
  • On anyones personal facebook wall
  • In any Facebook group
  • On any Facebook page
  • Get Post Filter today

    This extension is in development by Tier5, who I have partnered with on this project. I am offering this huge Beta release discount to help recover some of the costs I have spent. The extension is now live, in a limited version. It will take us about another month of us all using it to work out the bugs, and once we've done that, and added the extra features, and it is officially launched, the price will be a monthly fee instead of this one-time payment offer. 

  • Extremely Affordable!

    As of right now, it is only $12.00 to pre-order the extension. As mentioned above, this price will go up as we get closer to release, at which time it will only be available for a monthly fee, so get in now while it is a very low one time cost.

  • Be entered our drawing!

    Once you preorder your copy of Post Filter, you will also be entered into a contest for a lifetime license to 7 of our core software apps. If you win, and don't want the lifetime licenses, you will have the option of a gift card instead. 

NOTE: This is an extremely discounted Beta Release pricing which will soon be raised.

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