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Watch the videos above for more information on how to increase your FB Post engagement, get conversations started in Messenger, and get more exposure for you, and your products and services.

Genius Posts:
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Social Media Engagement

Genius Posts provides you everything you need to generate stronger engagement on your Facebook posts. It also puts your post respondents straight into Messenger. All on autopilot. Let the browser extension do the heavy lifting and keep everything happening while you focus on other tasks.

Increase Financial Gains

Genius Posts will help you not just save time, but also money. No need to hire an admin or VA to go do things that can be done just as easily with automated software. Put your time and money to better use and grow both time and money exponentially. 

Save Massive Time

Genius Posts helps you stop wasting so much of your time doing things that can be easily automated, and send people the info they need automatically. While you save all that time, you can be doing other things that you love doing, like networking and earning! 

Get Proven Results

Genius Posts will help you automate proven lead generation and sales processes without having to spend so much of your precious time or money to get the end results. Genius Posts works - it automates a proven process that gets you results.

So How Does Genius Posts

Get More Leads and Sales?

  • Make Posts on Facebook

    Use your personal Facebook page and business pages to make posts on Facebook just like you normally would. This is basically your lead generation, and functions somewhat as an optin.

    Hopefully you're doing this, if not don't worry we have you with our training and support group and with the Genius Posts Challenge.

  • Genius Posts Does Its Job

    Genius Posts will begin to automatically respond to all comments on your post, based on your criteria, and strategically leverage the Facebook Algorithm to get you maximum post exposure and engagement.

    It will also send out Direct Messages through Facebook Messenger with your CTA link or other information you choose, which will keep people commenting on your post, just so they can get the link or other info.

  • Configure Genius Posts

    You can set up Genius Posts for every post that you make on facebook, and it even works in groups. Once you set it up a Genius Post it will run automatically and drive sales to your facebook posts.  

    Confused? Then you're most likely not already making money from Facebook. Don't worry, just take Genius Posts Challenge.  Keep reading :) 


  • Get More Leads and Sales

    Now you can start running Genius Posts on any of your posts anytime you want. You can set it up for as many posts as you want.

    When you run post profits on any post it starts to funnel you fresh leads and sales on auto-pilot. It comes configured to get you maximum engagement which results in maximum leads and sales coming from your organic marketing efforts.

  • Personal Profile

    This is a big "honey pot" for organic marketing. Genius Posts helps you turn your personal Facebook profile into a  lead and sales engine. 

  • Facebook Groups

    Facebook groups are a secret weapon to build an audience, get leads, and make sales. Genius Posts works in any group.

  • Facebook Pages

    You can use Genius Posts on your business pages, and even on your sponsored ads! :Everywhere your clients and customers are!

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