Now you can reply to Facebook Messages in your sleep, on autopilot.


You've seen Chatbots for your Facebook Business Pages.
Now there's one for your Personal Profile!

Genius Bot​...a powerful chatbot autoresponder for your personal profile that can reply to inquiries, and broadcast messages while you are doing somehting else!

This is a HUGE time saver, and allows you toget to back to people while their interest is peaked. The longer you wait to reply to someone, the more likely they are to look elsewhere for their solution. Save time and make money by replying right away, even if you are on vacation, asleep, eating, watching a movie


Genius Bot helps you stop wasting so much of your time doing things that can be easily automated. While you save all that time you can be doing other things that you love doing, whatever those might be. 

Respond While They're Hot!

MeFn EVan helps you respond to your leads and prospects at the very best time you could possibly respond to them, WHILE THEY'RE HOT. There's no better time to respond to a lead than when they are messaging.

Increase Financial Wins!

Replying to leads when they're hot gives you the best chance of converting them into sales. However the longer you wait to reply to them, the colder they get, and the less likely you are to convert them into sales.

Genius Bot Works Where No Others Dare!


Set yourself apart from the crowd!  Genius Bot is the ONLY Chatbot software that will work on your personal Facebook profile and auto-respond to incoming messages for you while you sleep. 

​Other chatbot software products work only for your Facebook Business Pages, but we all know that the reach you get on Facebook business pages is absolute garbage. There's a LOT more money to be made from your personal Facebook profile. 

Answers to Your Questions:

 Can I really use Genius Bot on my Personal Facebook profile?

Yes! Genius Bot is specifically built to use from your Personal Facebook profile.

 What's the difference between this and software like ManyChat and Chatfuel?

Those software products are for Facebook Business Pages and will not work from your Personal Facebook profile.
Genius Bot is the ONLY software that will work from your personal Facebook profile. 

 Will I get into problems with Facebook if I use Genius Bot?

Although Facebook can ban your account at anytime for any reason, there should be no reason you will encounter any issues using Genius Bot

 Are there any long term commitments for Genius Bot? 

No. We offer monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans. If you go rogue or decide you're finished making money on social media, lose your mind and go crazy, or just want to cancel at anytime - you can. We make it easy for you.

 Do you have an affiliate program for Genius Bot?

No, we have something WAY better, we have a Partner Program that gives you more freedom and control. You can even white-label our software and launch it as your own, and start your own partner program. 

Who are the Geniuses
Behind Genius Bot?

Genius Bot is built, maintained, updated, and supported by the world-class development team Tier5. This means it is backed by the best developers and coders around, which will keep MeFn EVan running like clockwork, ensuring that you can save time, focus on other things, and bring more customers into your business.

Stop Wasting Time! Start Using Genius Bot Today!

Click the button, choose monthly, annual or lifetime, and start Messaging Everyone today!

Genius Bot

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