Friend Connector Chrome Extension

Find Targeted Contacts on Facebook
Without Having To Be Online Wasting Time


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​Through Automation, Without Wasting Time


Only $25/month for a limited time

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Check Out These Amazingly Helpful Features:

  • Request Limits

    Limit your requests to a certain number of requests per session. Facebook doesn't seem to like too many requests at one time, and this can help keep you within their "happy zone".

  • Save time

    Works on autopilot. Select the Group where you'll find your best targeted friends, enter your info for the run, and let Friend Connector do it's thing!

  • Add from Suggested List (NEW!)

    Add more or less than number of mutual friends, and then add from the Suggested List

  • Delete All Friends (COMING SOON!)

    Need to start over, and get a fresh start on your account, so you can begin anew and do things right form the beginning? A "delete all friends" feature is coming soon. This is how our chief coder started this extension to test it out.

  • Delete Pending Requests

    You can auto cancel the requests you sent previously, but that have not yet been accepted. You can delete all the pending requests which were not accepted, and can resend them out later if you want. 

  • Keyword Based

    Type in the keyword you want your new friends to have (such as "CEO", "roofer", "surgeon", etc.) for targeted connections.

  • Interval Settings

    Set the interval wait times between requests for a more human feel to help keep Facebook happy.

  • Messaging!

    Send messages to your potential friends as you send the requests. Randomizes the message based on your inputs and massage structure. This add a much more personalized feel to the software.

7-day Money Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, contact us and let us know within 7 days of your initial purchase, and you will receive a no-questions asked refund.

Easy to use! I am adding people to my network and as leads even while I am sleeping! Best Chrome extension I've ever used.

Ed Akehurst, Software Solutions